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About  Aksar  (2006)

Emran Hashmi plays a fashion photographer in Anant Mahadevn's Aksar. Udita Goswami, a top model, married to NRI tycoon Dino Morea, who lives in UK. Emran always regretted that Udita never agreed to be his model because she hates him for ditching her friend Tara Sharma who had also tried to commit suicide. Dino meets Emran and gives him a strange assignment. To seduce Udita and make her fall in love so he can divorce her. Dino invites Emran to stay in their house in UK. Emran manages to seduce Udita and she falls in love with him, but refuses to divorce him. Now Dino is left with an unfaithful wife and her lover. How Dino comes out of this forms the remaining part of the film.