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About  Mumbai Mirror  (2013)

When Abhijeet (Sachiin Joshi) sets out in the beginning of the film, he is one of the best cops, handling an important mission involving drug dealing and being successful in completing it with ease. But as the film progresses we see him rubbing the wrong people on the wrong sides. He messes up with a very powerful man called Shetty (Prakash Raj), who runs innumerous illegal bars and is involved in drug mafia. Abhijeet soon gets entangled in the hard core drug circuit, where most of his seniors are involved and ends up getting for him a termination from the job. After the termination, the series of destructing and humiliating experiences that follow leave Abhijeet worried and broken. That's when his loved ones come to his rescue, help him get out of this situation and have a probable fight back.

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