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About  332 Mumbai To India  (2010)

332 is about the North Indian v/s Mumbaikars issue which happened in Mumbai. Several guys were beaten on Kalyan railway station and it led to various incidents all over Mumbai. Rickshaws and taxis were broken down and all Mumbaikars wanting the UPites to be driven out of Mumbai. This forms just a backdrop of our story.

332 is set in various parts of our country. Mumbai, Bihar, Benaras. Mumbai, a city which is a cultural mix of every nationality. The story begins when a young guy Rahul Raj hijacks a Bus No.332 plied between Andheri & Kurla. From that point, we are taken into seeing the lives of several characters, and the problems each encounters during that day. A young writer Mahesh who, though an UPite, born and brought up in Mumbai doesn't consider himself an outsider in Mumbai. He considers himself a true Indian and doesn't want himself to be associated with this war of communities. 

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