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About  Shortcut Romeo  (2013)

Susi Ganesh Productions Pvt. Ltd.'s Shortcut Romeo is the story of Suraj (Neil Nitin Mukesh) who uses shortcuts in life to achieve his goals. Fed up of Suraj, his parents send him away from Goa to Bombay to stay with his maternal uncle (Major Bikramjeet). In Bombay, Suraj shoots a video of a couple in a compromising position and soon learns that the young lady, Monica (Ameesha Patel), is in an extramarital relationship with the guy she is caught on camera with. His name is Ashish (Bunty Grewal). Monica fears that if the video tape gets into the hands of her husband, Rahul (Rajesh Shringarpure), it would be catastrophic. Suraj blackmails Monica and ensures that she pays for a free holiday for him and his friends at Kenya. 

In Kenya, Suraj meets Sherry (Puja Gupta) and he falls in love with her. Soon, it is revealed that Monica had planted people, including Sherry (whose real name is Radhika), in Kenya to interact with Suraj and land him in trouble. Monica and Suraj keep playing a game of one up man ship with each other as Monica also has her grip on Suraj. Meanwhile, Monica's suspecting husband employs a private detective (Susi Ganesh) to track the person his wife is having an affair with. 

What happens thereafter? Does Suraj hand over the video tape to Monica? Does Sherry/Radhika also love Suraj? Or is it a one-sided affair? Does Monica's husband get to know about Ashish? Do Suraj And Sherry/Radhika get married?

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