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About  Pyaar Ka Punchnama  (2011)

Pyaar Ka Punchnama explores the beauty of love, the bliss of love, the enchantment in love, till you actually get into it! "It is them we wanted, till we wanted them no more" - Rajat, Chaudhary and Liquid, three best friends utter these same cries. You always envy the man with a girl, till you find your own and then you wonder if this is what is called - a woman, a shouting, moody, crazy being!

Rajat, Chaudhary and Liquid are stuck in heir boring jobs and crave for women to add some spice into their lives. The unfortunate Rajat soon finds one - Neha, she is everything that he ever wanted! It is all so good and rosy; till Rajat gives into a misunderstanding of Neha's and moves in to live with her. Till then Neha was a part of his life, but now Neha is his only life! Chaudhary meets Riya when he helps his acquaintance Varun, by getting his girlfriend Riya, a job. Oh how well they get along - Chaudhary and Riya, why she is stuck with Varun, she wonders. Her wonderment takes a real turn and Riya becomes chaudhary's girlfriend, for he understands her; simple. Liquid is extremely happy on finding Charu at work, the first and only girl he has ever spoken to in his whole life. Charu adores him but only as her best friend.

At the end of it all you can just say that 'something changed you till you stopped recognizing yourself!' voice Rajat, Chaudhary and Liquid. Is that a danger warning? They wonder - What does your brain tell you at this moment - run, run, run for your life, my man! We men can say today that our success is any day greater than that of our fathers; they were successful because of the women in their lives, we are successful in spite of the ones we have!

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