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About  Loot  (2011)

Loot is a story of bumbling crooks who are not good at their job.
Pandit and Akbar are thieves who together steal paintings and Antiques
for Mr. Baatliwala, who runs an antique shop in Colaba. Tired of their
incompetence, Mr. Baatliwala offers them a last job to steal some
jewels from Armenia. As they haven't been abroad, Mr. Baatliwala asks
Builder, his henchman to find Wilson, an another conman who has been
abroad to accompany them.
Once in Philippines for the job they rob Lala a fugitive Don who does
not like being robbed and is out for blood. So are Irfaan and Aasif,
the guys whose car got stolen as the gang's getaway vehicle and then
there is dirty RAW Agent and double dealing Sanya who is their local
contact in Armenia.
Loot is a cat and mouse game about these four crooks trying to survive
in a foreign land from all these characters. If they get out of this
alive, it will be a miracle!!!

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