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About  Kucch Luv Jaisaa  (2011)

What matters in life...The Big things or the small things? Giant surprises or little heartfelt gestures? To each his own...Madhu and Raghav, two such people who try to steal light moment in their great chase for happiness. While Madhu craves for her family's attention and some newness in her typically and perfectly balanced life, Raghav wishes that his world would stop so he could lead a simple and typical life. Both embark on a journey, taking an unknown risk on an unusual day that only comes once in four years, 29th February. On a leap day, of the leap year, Madhu and Raghav end up finding the leaps and highs of each other as well as their lives. The outcome of this adventure will change their lives forever, but for the Good or Bad? Find out this March.

What's the relation two strangers can build within a day when they might never even see each other again? Well let's call it "Kucch Luv Jaisaa".

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