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About  Hum Tum  (2004)

Film critic cum television host turned director <b>Kunal Kohli </b> who debuted with Yash Raj Films <i>?Mujhse Dosti Karoge?</i> returns with his second directorial venture <i>?Hum Tum?</i> under the same production banner. <br><br>
Karan Kapoor (<b>Saif Ali Khan</b>) works with one of India's leading newspapers as a cartoonist. Hum Tum are his cartoon characters. His daily column comes under the title of <i>Hum Tum</i>. Hum Tum because that's how he sees the world divided. No countries, no religions, just two divisions - boys and girls.<br><br>
Karan met Rhea (<b>Rani Mukerjee</b>) for the first time in Amsterdam. They disagreed on everything. So to put things right, Karan innocently kissed her... to confirm their friendship. But things went worse with the unstable Rhea and the meeting ended on a bad note.<br><br>
Six months later the duo meet once again in New York. And Rhea hadn't forgotten the Amsterdam kiss. So she decides to let the cat out of the bag and Karan's loses his steady girlfriend. Another relationship down the drain!<br><br>
It's been 10 years since their first encounter. Once again Rhea and Karan become friends despite their differences. <br><br>
Rhea has gone through some personal tragedies in her life, lots of ups and downs but Karan has always been there for her. During this time, she has moved all over the place, from Mumbai to Paris to New York and back to Mumbai.<br><br>

Karan even tried fixing her up with a friend of his - with her mother's permission of course - but as with everything else, this didn't quite work out either. Meanwhile, as luck would have it, Karan's career, as a cartoonist was soaring and so one thing led to another and Rhea took off once again on a bad term with him.<br><br>
But despite their mishaps, destiny has bigger plans for Karan and Rhea.<br><br>
Produced by <b>Yash Chopra </b> the film also stars <b>Rishi Kapoor </b> and <b>Kiron Kher </b>. <b>Jatin Lalit </b> has composed the music.<br><br>
Hum Tum will make a worldwide release on May 28, 2004.

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