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Bindu Desai Biography

About Bindu Desai

"Bindu was born to film producer Nanubhai Desai and his wife Jyotsna, a stage actress. Bindu's road to success was not an easy one. With her father's demise at the young age of 13 and being the eldest daughter, the burden of earning a daily meal fell on her young, frail shoulders. It was only after her marriage to Gujurati businessman Champaklal Zaveri that she got her first major role film offerbut before that she did act in the movie 'Anpadh' starring Dharmendra and Mala Sinha. The film was to be director Raj Khosla's Do Raaste (1969). From here she went on to write her success story with Shakti Samanta's Kati Patang (1970) where she had a sizzling "Mera Naam Shabbo" to her credit, a number which is even today remembered as the highlight of the film Kati Patang. Bindu announced her arrival on the scene as a vamp, an image which her contemporaries Helen and Aruna Irani were famous for around that time.

Bindu was beautiful, busty and fair-skinned, ready made sex symbol of the Hindi film industry.


Kati Patang was only the beginning; followed by Ittefaaq (1969) and Imtihaan (1974), with her mesmerizing performances as a seductress in Imtihaan and as a nymphomaniac in Hawas (1974), left audiences asking for more. With a string of hits behind her, she successfully managed to break out of the myth that married actresses usually do not go to become sex symbols, especially in the Hindi film industry.

Bindu was much more than just a sex symbol. Her acting ability was seen in films like Hrishikesh Mukherjee's films Arjun Pandit and Abhimaan 1973, where she won raves for playing a very sympathetic character. She also acted in Chaitali. She proved to be just as convincing as the crippled woman in Chaitali and as the deglamourised role of wife to Ashok Kumar, in Arjun Pandit.

Unfortunately, the 5'6" tall busty beauty Bindu was never offered roles as the leading lady despite being extremely photogenic, blessed with a flawless complexion and sharp features. Her being married perhaps came in the way of her being offered roles as the main female lead. Thus, she lost out on the chance of being the leading lady in her films.

Bindu was a stunning beauty, equally stunning without any make up. She is known for her alabaster skin and smooth complexion. With her looks, histrionic ability, voluptuous figure and fair skin, she could have given all the leading ladies of Bollywood a run for their money. But this was not to be.

An impending pregnancy, followed by an unfortunate miscarriage, brought about a lull in her career and on the advice of her doctors she had to end her stint as the glamorous vamp – dancing and all. However, she did not stay away for long and returned back to the silver screen with character roles – Hero, Biwi Ho To Aisi and Kishen Kanhaiya and with many other such movies she managed to re-establish herself as the unmerciful and cruel ma-in-law, or the cynical bua, chachi, mausi…

Today, Bindu leads a low-profile life and makes fewer on-screen appearances, like the one in Shola Aur Shabnam which brought to the forefront the comic trait to her as an actress. She followed this with her light performance as the tip-top chachi in Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and the Shahrukh Khan starrer Main Hoon Na.

Although many came and tried to fill the vacuum left by Bindu, none could match up to her heights. After Bindu, no one seen that kind of success, nor has anybody been able to imitate this gorgeous actress.