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Anjana Mumtaz Biography

About Anjana Mumtaz

Anjana Mumtaz did have key roles to play in movies like Do Phool (1973) and Mahua(1969). Do Phool was a comedy and she co-starred opposite the top comedian of those days, Mehmood. Mahua, on the other hand, was a romantic drama about true love, marriage and past lives. Anjana Mumtaz's co-stars in the movie included Shiv Kumar, Farha and Premnath. As a character actor, perhaps one of her best known roles is that of Shilpa Shetty's mother in the movie Dhadkan (2000). In the movie, her daughter, Anjali, marries a man whom she does not love, but learns to love him later. Anjana Mumtaz has also acted in televisionserials. She became extremely popular after her role in the smash hit TV soap, Buniyad. It has been one of the biggest blockbusters ever on Indian television and was directed by Ramesh Sippy.

Anjana Mumtaz's husband worked several years for the national carrier, Air India. He has, however, now retired from work. Anjana Mumtaz gave birth to Ruslaan Mumtaz on February 25, 1981. But she has continued with her acting career even after the birth of her child.The actress was very much against her son, Ruslaan Mumtaz, entering the film industry. She felt that the struggle would be long and tiring. She was keen that Ruslaan study further and actually wanted him to do his MBA. She agreed to let her Ruslaan join the film industry only after much convincing.

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