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Amol Palekar Biography

About Amol Palekar

Amol Palekar (born 24 November 1944) is a well known actor of the '70s and later director of notable Indian movies.
Amol Palekar was born in Bombay, where he attended the J.J.School of Art. He started with the Marathi experimental stage with Satyadev Dubey and later started his own group 'Aniket' set up in 1972. He introduced theatre of the absurd in Maharashtra and a street theatre-inspired practice of performing plays in the round.
In 1974 he was cast as an actor by Basu Chatterjee in Rajanigandha, which lead to many parts in middle-class comedies. He became a director with the Marathi film Aakriet.
The Express Magazine refers to Amol Palekar as 'a painter, better known for dabbling
in an entirely different medium'. Amol Palekar started his artistic career with a post-graduate
degree in Fine Arts from the famous J.J. School of Art in Mumbai, India and moved from there
to become one of the leading personalities of avant-garde theatre in India.
Since 1967, Palekar has been actively involved with Marathi and Hindi theatre playing the
varying roles of actor, director and producer. He was one of the more popular actors in Hindi
cinema in the 70s and 80s, winning 3 Filmfare Best Actor awards and 6 state film awards.
Refering to his career, Amol Palekar says, 'I was an actor purely by accident, a producer
by compulsion and a director by choice.' Direction clearly is his forte. His movies deal with
hard hitting, and often difficult subject matter - girl child sacrifices, issues of male and
female sexuality, birth control in 1920s India... Yet Amol Palekar's films have a gentle poetry
to their story telling while they deal with complex real world issues.
Palekar seems uncompromising as well in his choice of subject matter. 'I'm not here to
impress people, he says. 'I'm telling a story as best as possible. If more people enjoy it, I'd
be very happy'. And it seems very much like audiences world-wide enjoy Amol Palekar's
internationally award-winning films. They have been screened at the Karlovy Vary Film
Festival and similar film festivals in London, Teheran, Toronto and Melbourne.

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