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5 Times birthday man, Aamir Khan took the UNCONVENTIONAL route..!

Comments  Comments [ 12 ]    By Akash Jaiswal | 14 March 2016 | 1:04pm

Bollywood has had a series of legendary performing actors over the years. From the likes of Prithviraj Kapoor to Ranbir Kapoor, not only the Kapoor clan, but the evolution of actors overall has been awe-inspiring.

However, one actor who revolutionized movie-going experience and put the real 'acting' talent in perspective in modern cinema is none other than-Mr. Aamir Khan

An illustrious career like that of Aamir Khan is not just determined by making 'safe' choices. In a career spanning over the mark of silver jubilee, we list the five times, Aamir took the unconventional route in his journey and still emerged the winner..!

1. Decision to STOP attending award ceremonies

When was the last time you heard about an actor, who at the tip of his career and still young, decides to stop attending the much-hyped award ceremonies? Well, I am assuming never, till Aamir took this flabbergasting decision. It was the times, when Aamir starred in the cult youth film, 'Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar' and just when he thought he deserved an award for it, the award was given to Anil Kapoor for the film, 'Beta'. 

Many assumed it to be an 'egoistic' or 'jealous' notion, Aamir defended it by mentioning how he did not trust the award ceremonies and hence chose not to be a part of it. Several debates have taken place over the years about it, till some people started favouring his call, when Shah Rukh Khan won the Best Actor Award for the 'more' commercially viable, 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge' in spite of Aamir starring in the critically and commercially successful film, 'Rangeela'.

2. Two brave decisions for the film 'Ghulam'

Today is the age and trend of actors-turning-playback singers. It is accepted widely in modern cinema. However, back in the 90s, it wasn't even an option for any actor to take this 'risk'. Amitabh Bachchan, though, had broken the ice by singing in films like 'Laawaris' and 'Mr. Natwarlal'. But, Aamir took the brave decision to go ahead and sing the iconic song, 'Aati Kya Khandala', and as we say the rest is history!
Stunts have been immortalized by action king, Akshay Kumar over the years, but not many expected the 'sweet' and 'chocolate' boy Aamir to be remembered for his action scenes. However, 'Ghulam' was absolutely a special film for him, where Aamir did the unthinkable and performed the 'epic running towards a moving train' sequence HIMSELF. The time difference of Aamir jumping off the tracks and the train barging by him was a mere 1.3 seconds..! PHEW..!! 

3. Starring in the art film, '1947: Earth'

Today, cinema has evolved and niche films have their audience. Films with content being its hero and with no commercial pull whatsoever are appreciated and applauded today. But, back then, the scope was limited then one would think. 

And Aamir, being the risk-taker, as we know him, took the astonishing decision to star in the art film, '1947 Earth'. Where he was said 'not to do it', Aamir did it and the film went on to become one of the most critically acclaimed films along with being India's official entry to the Academy Awards (Oscars) in the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film that year.

4. Decision to PRODUCE along with starring in the magnum opus, 'Lagaan'.

We have seen dream projects of several actors and directors backfire miserably over the period of time. And it becomes more painful when there is a humongous amount of money invested in it. But when it clicks, it becomes a historical decision.

Ashutosh Gowarikar's dream magnum opus, 'Lagaan' is currently a part of the history books. But, back then, the film was in the situation of never having a kickstart. The director himself, confessed that when he approached Aamir with the script, he was gladly on-board. But, the bigger challenge was finding a producer for the film, as it needed an unprecedented amount of money. And none other than Aamir became the person to give him the belief and faith to go ahead and make it while he will produce the film himself..
The next thing we know is that 'Lagaan' became a major critical and commercial success along with being only the third film in Indian film history to be nominated at the Academy Awards after being India's official entry.

5. Debuting as a director with 'Taare Zameen Par'

Actors turning directors have been a trend since ages. But, the only common thread in the whole chain has always been opting for 'safe' and 'commercially sane' projects. Being the trendsetter and unconventional person that Aamir is, he took the decision to make his debut as a director with the child educational drama film, 'Taare Zameer Par'. 

There have been several debates about how it was writer-director, Amole Gupte's dream project, but Aamir was not convinced with Amole's direction abilities after approving his brilliant script. But, barring all the criticism, Aamir directed the film himself amazingly, with Amole being the guiding force with him, as confessed by Amole himself. The film was loved immensely and almost unanimously by everyone emerging to be a major critical and commercial success.

..And a special mention

The five most unconventional decisions are already been listed, however, even today, Aamir hasn't stopped taking the 'hard' route. Everyone know that Aamir is set to star in the upcoming film, 'Dangal'. However, he has been in the news constantly on how he is going through staggering physical transformations for the film. Be it gaining oodles of weight to portray a 50 year old retired wrestler or be on the path to loose oodles of weight again for an important segment of the film; Aamir truly defines of what is being 'an actor'.

We wish the iconic actor, Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan, a very happy and blessed birthday..!

Kunal Kothari


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