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'I consider Balaji Telefilms and Ekta Kapoor as my biggest support'

Comments  Comments [ 1 ]    By Indra D. | 28 February 2008 | 4:39pm

Sunil ShettySuneil Shetty, the Macho-Man of Bollywood started his career as an action hero, but slowly tilted to comedy, and now the star is making his own films! But if you ask him what he loves doing the most, pat will come his reply – ‘Acting’.

The actor is now awaiting the release of another laugh riot, ‘One Two Three’, where Suneil is playing the role of Lakshmi Narayan. Here is a heart-to-heart chat with the star.

Q.: There are three Lakshmi Narayan’s stories in the film “One Two Three”. Please tell us about the LakshmiNarayan you are playing.
A.: What would I say about my character? He thinks, understands and more than that, he asks a lot of questions. Actually he is a perfectionist. He is very innocent, but at the same time he is very irritating too. If someone asks him to sit down, he will ask where to sit i.e. on the sofa or in a chair. If he is requested to sit on sofa, then he will ask his probable position on the sofa i.e. right or left. If the answer is left, then his question would be extreme left or straight left. One fine day, he gets entangled in a dangerous gang and you just have to watch how he disturbs all the gangsters. They all feel so frustrated that they just want to kill him at any cost. Ashwini has created a situational comedy at its best and for that reason, each character in the film has become equally important.

Q.: Did you face any difficulty during the shooting as there were three characters of the same name?
A.: First thing is that, three characters having the same name in the film is the added attraction to this film. Three of them are from different cities and attached to different businesses. But the situation becomes quite chaotic while they enter and stay in the same hotel. But we had no problem in the set because of having same name. I am really happy doing the film as after “Hera Pheri”, this is the second movie in my career that offers equal importance to all characters.

Q.: “One Two Three” is the first film by Ashwini Dheer. How was the experience of working with him?
A.: I am a die hard fan of Ashwini Dheer because of his comic series “Office Office”. He doesn’t look for only comedy. His lookout is to see how he can hit problems in our society. He knows how to speak his words without creating hyper drama. You can see the same impact in this film also. He never let us feel that he is making a film for the first time.

Q.: What did you find so special about the character that you accepted the film?
A.: I knew that Ashwini is a good writer. I knew that if he has thought of me to do a character, then it has to be a good one. When he came to me with the story, I told him to give me 24 hours to think over the matter.

Sunil Shetty Q.: Did you find any difference between the direction of Ashwini and Priyadarshan?
A.: I believe Priyadarshan is not a teacher, but as far as comedy is concerned, he is the best teacher. Everyone praises his style of making comedies. He doesn’t demand but commands for honor. In the same way, Ashwini has his own way of treating comedies and his writing skill is an added advantage. What I feel is that Ashwini and Priyadarshan have more similarities than differences.

Q.: The young Neetu Chandra is acting as your ladylove. How was your experience of working with her?
A.: I am also very young. As far as I can understand, her character in the film is most challenging, and she justified well with her character. I love to work with fresh talents. So, I just enjoyed working with Neetu.

Q.: Once again Paresh Rawal is seen with you in this film. What would you like to say?
A.: I am really happy having him with me in this film. He is one of those people whom I really respect. I am sure that after “Hera Pheri” famed Babu Bhaiya, the “Chaddi-banyan” seller Lakshmi Narayan in “One Two Three” will also be very popular. Along with their get up, Paresh Rawal has adopted their mannerism also very well.

Q.: Nowadays you are doing less number of films. Have you also become selective like others?
A.: I think there are only two heroes in the whole industry who can call themselves selective. It’s sad that I am not offered hundreds of films as they have. I merely have offer of ten films and it’s not necessary that I accept all ten of them. At the same time, I am happy that I still don’t feel insecure. My production house “Popcorn Entertainment” is now producing fifteen films simultaneously. I have wiped off my name from my films so that heroes of my films cannot blame me that my character was better than theirs.

Q.: Which one would you prefer the most – acting or producing?
A.: Both. I enjoy production not because of my investment in them. Besides investment, I think that I am contributing in the field of filmmaking. My films are not purely entertainment based. I always try to introduce my audience with various social and national issues. As in “Mission Istanbul”, we are showing terrorism. My film “Mumbai Chaka Chak” inspires people to keep the city clean. Mumbai is not only my birth place but also the city that gives me bread and butter. I know my responsibilities to this city. My other film “Little Godfather” is based on the unity of people of Mumbai during the bomb blast in local trains. I am actually enjoying the difference in subject in these films. I have also decided to make few more films, but this is not the right time to talk about them. For the time being, I would only say that I want to do a lot and I have lot of dreams regarding my career.

Q.: You have signed few films with Sanjay Dutt. Was that for friendship or because it has a good story to offer?
A.: It’s because of the story that I took Sanjay in my film. It’ll be the best character ever for Sanjay. I can announceSunil Shetty that for all the people who have witnessed all of his characters. He is looking fantabulous in this film. He is like my brother. We don’t need to talk to understand each other. As far as money is concerned, I will pay him the same amount that other producers do. I am not like those people who utilize friendship for their own profit.

Q.: Is there any reason of making films in collaboration with Balaji Production?
A.: Yes, because of the honor and respect that they pay me. When I met Ekta for the first time, she recapped what she told her father. I still remember as she said, “If I have to start something, that’ll be with Suniel only”. It really touched me. You must know that we have decided to make seven films together, but we have not gone for any contract yet. I consider them as my best support.

Q.: Have you ever thought of becoming a director?
A.: Not at all. I am very happy as the producer.

Q.: You have played so many characters. Do you still dream of any character?
A.: Yeah. If I have a chance, then I would like to play the character of Amitabh Bachchan in “Sharabi”. I think a complex character like this is really rare. Just imagine that he is smiling, though he is not happy. He hates his father, but that hatred couldn’t overpower his character. It’s simply amazing.

Rajnee Gupta. –(SAMPURN)

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