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About  88 Antop Hill  (2003)

Antara Shelar lives an upper middle-class life with her husband, Pratyush, and a young daughter. She is exasperated with her husband spending more and more time at work, and not with her and their daughter, so she decides to leave him. Alone, Pratyush gets a desperate phone call from his co-worker, Aslam Durrani, to attend at 88 Antop Hill. Upon arrival, he is met with a tall, gorgeous young woman, who goes by the name of Teesta. Anxious to find out Aslam's plight and also of is attraction towards her, they go for a drive, and have a drink at a bar. When they return, she invites him into her apartment, and goes to change her clothes. The next day, Murli Mansukhani, Teesta's neighbor summons the police, who arrive and find Teesta's dead body, slain with a sharp instrument. Then begins the manhunt for the killer, who the watchman has now identified as Pratyush. Pratyush meets with Aslam the next day, Aslam admits to having played a prank on him. But denies ever going to Antop Hill, nor ever knowing anyone by the name of Teesta. The Police conclude that there were only two people in Teesta's apartment that night, and that Teesta was killed by whoever was with her that night. Pratyush finds himself in an impossible position, unable to get an alibi, nor talk to his wife and daughter, he decides to burn all evidence, thus implicating himself all the more, - and then the police find the murder weapon in his house - but Pratyush is nowhere to be found.