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Peepli[LIVE] Music Review

Comments  Comments [ 0 ]    By Rachna N. | 03 August 2010 | 3:10pm

Movie: Peeli [LIVE]
Producer(s): Amir Khan, Kiran Rao
Music Direcors: Ram Sampat, Nageen Tanvir, Indian Ocean
Lyrics: Gangaram Sakhet, Swanand Kirkire, Sanjeev Sharma, Noon Meem Rashed

Peeli [LIVE]. The title of the movie itself raised so many questions in its first appearance. What's Peepli? Why is it [LIVE]? Well now we know that Peepli is a fictional gaav in India, and this movie tries to, through the village of Peepli, depict the issue of farmer suicidal cases in India. What's LIVE? Well, this issue is live. Its current, and it's happening today. The story and the name of the movie are already quite captivating, so how does the music fare? We'll show you, one track at a time!

The first song in the album is called Des Mera. Nothing the kind of stuff we've grown up listening to. The unique composition and performance by Indian Ocean employs generous usage of Indian traditional instruments and beats, yet the song sounds extremely current. The lyrics, written by Sanjeev Sharma and Swanand Kirkire, hit bulls eye with vivid descriptions of the colorful, concoction-style country that we hail from. This song may not get on to everyone's playlist, but it deserves a pat for its eclectic musical effort.

Then we have Mehengai Dayain. Yet another one that may or may not make it to your IPod favorites, but the words will definitely be accepted by one and all, because mehengai dayain khaye jaat hain, is the truth every Indian national lives with. Music director Ram Sampat churns out a very memorable tune for this track. However,USP lies in the lyrics, written by the talented Swanand Kirkire and appropriately sung by Raguvir Yadav, as they humorously poke at the terribly pestering hiked prices. Give this song a listen, cause one thing we assure you of is the genius of its thought!

The third track is a philosophical one, and the title, Zindagi Se Darte Ho, is another track of candid facts. Composed and performed by Indian Ocean, with captivating lyrics by Noon Meem Rashed, this song plunges into a soliloquy about fearing life, when in fact life is the same for everyone. This song promises real rock from start to finish, which shall satisfy rock lovers, and will present itself as a nice sample to others. A gem of a track, and a song everyone is meant to sing, and mean, at some point in life.

Next comes Chola Maati Ke Ram. This track is a bhajan written by Gangaram Sakhet, and is sung and composed by Nageen Tanvir. Research claims that this song is a dedication to lord Ram, in his earthly stature. This song is interesting to listen to, and once the momentum is collected, its meaning is interesting to decipher. It is a pleasant devotional song, and is much recommended for its novelty.

Now, we come to the fifth track, Des Mera-1. This song is a modified version of Des Mera Rangres, the alteration credited to Indian Ocean who also lend their vocals. This version has a slightly more western arrangement, what with a spectacular baseline in the intro itself. This track may appeal more due to its international touch, but still retains the soul of the original.

The last track in this album is a remix version of Mehengai Dayain. Although this song makes you want to bounce around a little, its definitely the black baa-baa sheep of the album, as it doesn't quite fit the rustic theme of the album. Perhaps, the entire idea of having a remix in this album isn't that good - given its extremely specific requirements.

All in all the album spells 'atypical' in every possible way, as is not the obvious junta enchanting package. For the profound and the pondering however, there is a major 'substance' string attached. The objective of this album is unlikely to be reigning charts anyway. The music directors have done a marvelous job to create songs that will fit like gloves onto the situations shown in this movie, what with their theme. But the sheer genius of creating music out of such mundane routine facts and thoughts is phenomenal! And that we recommend, and applaud!

BC's picks: Des Mera, Des Mera-1, Mehengai Dayain, Zindagi Se Darte Ho

BC's Star Rating: ***

Author: Rachna N.

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Year : 2010

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