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Characters that have Matured Throughout a Movie

Comments  Comments [ 3 ]    By Gurprit K. | 10 September 2014 | 9:41pm

Indian cinema has provided us with a variety of films that have different concepts and characters.  Whether it is a typical housewife, an obsessed lover or a bubbly girl next door, to a king of romance or hard core criminal who wants to destroy everything, Bollywood has it all. But one thing that also changes is the complexity of a character. There have been many characters that go through a huge change, many times positive, throughout a movie that by the end of the movie they turn out to be a total different person than they started of being. So going with the theme of this week, BollyCurry brings you some of the characters that have matured throughout a film.

Vinod (Saif Ali Khan) - Hum Saath-Saath Hain

This family drama tells the story of three bothers, two of which who handle their father's business and the youngest one who is living life to the fullest but still have immense love for each other. However, when reality sets in and they get separated, Vinod has to grow up. He is forced to leave his youthful life and take on responsibilities to help out one of his brothers and reunite him with the family.

The next character on our list needs no introduction, Raj, a popular name and a handsome lad started off in the movie as a playboy who just wanted to have fun in life. Parties, girls, and vacations is what he lived for. On such a vacation, carefree Raj meets the simple and in control Simran, who is complete opposite of the girls he likes to be with. However, as fate has it, the two fall in love without realizing it but can't be together because Raj doesn't believe in love and Simran is betrothed to someone else. But not one to give up, Raj realizes his love and goes behind his lady to woo her and her family. Turning over a new leaf, the playboy becomes a passionate lover and learns the ways of her family to get close to his love.

Mahi (Kareena Kapoor) - Heroine

Next we have Mahi Arora, a renowned heroine who took every step possible, right or wrong, to become the best in the industry. However, one small mistake, falling for the wrong guy, she puts her career and life in jeopardy as she goes into depression. Trying hard to get back to the top, Mahi once again tries her best to do everything she can but realizes that she has failed. No matter what she does, any amount of risks she takes, her career is over. Finally in the end, Mahi leaves behind everything she ever knew and starts from the beginning, living life as an ordinary girl living an ordinary life.

Guru (Sidharth Malhotra)- Ek Villain

Ek Villain brings us the story of Guru, a hardened criminal who bumps into a happy go lucky girl and eventually falls deeply in love with her. At first, he hates being with her but eventually he starts falling for her quirky and innocent ways. His life changes completely as he helps her get through her illness and eventually marries and starts a life with her. Starting a new life, getting a new job and finding out that he is becoming a father only to go home to realize that his wife is murdered. The criminal in him rises again but he realizes that this is not what his wife would want and in the last moment he lets the murderer go only for him to die a cruel death. Guru moves on in life fulfilling all of his wife's wishes. 

It's not what we are, it is what we will become that matters. In the end, its about turning over a new leaf and changing all bad habits for the things that matter most in life. These are only a few characters that are mentioned above; Bollywood has many films that bring about a similar concept. We would love to know who is your favorite character, so leave a comment in the space below.

Writer: Amanda H.
Editors: Mohini N. and Hershi J.
Graphics: Shikha A.

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