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The Colors of Holi!

Comments  Comments [ 7 ]    By Gurprit K. | 27 March 2013 | 5:08pm

Holi is the festival of colors, joy, and happiness. Bright colors, laughter, and some fun and games are what define this festive holiday. As the stains of the colors stay on crisp white clothes, there are such Holi scenes shown on the big screen that stay with us, leaving an impact whether it be touching or whether it be or whether it be heart-wrenching.


One of the most touching Holi scenes is in one of the most romantic Bollywood moviesIn the epic love story of Mohabbatein, where two lovers could never become one, but neither could they be separated, depicts the most heart touching scene of Holi. Raj (Shah Rukh Khan) is standing on the lane excited over getting permission to play Holi with the students. As he stands there, the love of his life Megha (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), comes up behind him, and congratulates him on his achievement by wishing him a happy holi and applying red color on his cheek thus starting holi with the color of love. The scene dies with laughter being heard in the background. It's a heart touching scene that leaves a huge impact on us, that even when two lovers are miles away and can never be reunited, still, on the occasion of Holi, two hearts meet in a unique way. A heartwarming scene that melts your heart.


This movie is about relations, whether it be blood-relation or a relation of hearts. This particular Holi scene depicts all of what Holi really is: colors, happiness, joy and, most importantly, family. The scene shows us a real image of Holi celebration, where Raj (Amitabh Bachchan) and Pooja's (Hema Malini) grown children are present with their wives and kids. There is happiness on their faces and they are united as a family. It's a scene that lightens up your day, and makes you realize what family really is. And it makes you want to play Holi yourself.


Holi is not just a festival of colors, it's also a celebration of friendship, joy and togetherness. And this is beautifully shown in this specific scene. Two sworn enemies reunite as friends in the rain of colors in this very colorful scene, which makes it even more special. After all the true color of Holi is friendship.


Holi - the perfect opportunity for a love confession or a suicide threat? The Holi scene in the movie Deewaana is a rare balance of a dark and lighthearted Holi celebration. Holi is associated with lighthearted pranks, and flirtatious romance. The given scene is where Raja (Shah Rukh Khan) uses the occasion of Holi to propose to a widow, just to take revenge from her. A passionate proposal, but a well thought one. An intriguing scene combined with the colors of the rainbow...a well shot scene with a dark shadow.


Holi is usually a joyous festival with a play of bright and light colors. But there's more to Holi than this; a darker shade of Holi. In the film Damini when Holi takes place, and everyone's busy playing with colors, a cruel thing is happening with Damini's (Meenakshi Seshadri) maid who is being raped by her brother in law. And Damini, the main protagonist, is witnessing it all. It's a tragic scene where amidst the crowd and noise of the Holi event an innocent girl becomes a victim and her screams are unheard. This scene is one of the most disturbing projections of Holi onscreen.


In Gulaal symbolism for Holi is used in a very different way. Just as one is beginning to root for the manipulative but commanding Ransa (Abhimanyu Singh), Karan (Aditya Srivastava) shocks everyone with his evil play. Ransa is found dead and his dead body is hanging from a tree. The dead body is dripping with Holi colors and it's hard to make out the blood from the red color. Holi is given a dark violent shade, and it's used as a symbol of all the suffering that's happened in the Indian student politics.


On Holi everyone is carefree and enjoying without any fear in their mind. The same is the case with Kiran (Juhi Chawla) and Sunil (Sunny Deol) who are enjoying a wet and wild Holi of their own; unaware that someone is watching them closely. Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan), the obsessive lover, has colored himself black and is stalking Kiran. He gate crashes their Holi celebration by joining a musical group. But seeing his love romance another guy, Rahul can't take it and he reveals his true self. This ends with a violent chase that ends with Rahul managing to escape Sunil and blending into the crowd. It's a different type of Holi scene that gives you the creeps as well as keeping you hooked.


Sholay contains one of the most memorable Holi scenes ever seen in Hindi cinema. While Jai (Amitabh Bachchan) and Veeru (Dharmendra) are happily celebrating Holi with each other, Gabbar (Amjad Khan) makes an unexpected attack. Holi instead of being a fun filled colorful day turns into a nightmare within seconds, and instead of colors they play with blood. And of course who can forget the ever so famous dialogue; "Holi kab hain?" asked by the greatest villains of all time. It's the only Holi scene that is remembered for its streak of violence.


All the colors of Holi are the colors of love. And this is highlighted in the evergreen movie Silsila, where love is in the air. The scene takes place before one of the most popular Holi songs in history "Rang Barse". The scene is a conversation between Shobha (Jaya Bachchan) and Chandni (Rekha), where Jaya tells Rekha that the red color of gulaal on her cheek suits her a lot, and she replies by saying that the gulaal reminds her of her first love, the conversation goes on and it comes out that Chandni didn't marry the person she loved. At the same time the same conversation is going on between Amit (Amitabh Bachchan) and Dr. V. K. Anand (Sanjeev Kumar). And as the conversation ends the lovebirds glance at each other. The scene signifies that true love can never be hidden, despite so many barriers and the distance time has created between them. Their hearts still beat for each other. And, on the auspicious day of Holi, their hearts are colored in the color of love as well, which also gives a lingering intuition of infidelity to come.


Yet again a scene from Mohabbatein, from the song "Soni Soni". In the movie, Kiran (Preeti Jhangiani) is a widowed girl who has abandoned everything in her life and lives a life set by her father-in-law, Major General Khanna (Amrish Puri). Her life is dull and colorless. The Holi song, however, brings a change in her life as she gets colors on her clothes and in her life in the form of Karan (Jimmy Shergill), her well-wisher and the boy who loves her. It's a beautiful scene where the symbolism of Holi is used in a very unique way that shows a new beginning.

The celebration of Holi is not just a celebration of colors. It is a celebration of love, friendship, romance, new beginnings, and so much more. Some of the scenes we choose may make you blush, while others make you shiver. However, no matter what the feeling, in the end, Holi signifies whatever you want it to signify. Wishing everyone a very happy and colorful Holi, BollyCurry now signs off.

Author: Fatima W.
Editors: Shreya S. & Hershi J.
Graphics: Virina R.

Copyright  BollyCurry

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