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"I want to direct a feature film"- Kangana Ranaut

Comments  Comments [ 1 ]    By India-Forums.com Bollywood Team | 19 October 2013 | 5:22pm

She is one of the most polite people to talk to and whatever she says comes from her heart. She likes to be honest about everything all the time. Kangana Ranaut, the most attractive mutant in Indian Cinema is geared up for her upcoming release Krrish 3. The curly haired Diva talks with the team of India Forums exclusively. Excerpts:

Playing a super woman character has been a point in your bucket list. How was it when the character of Kaya came to you?
I have always wanted to play the role of Anarkali, super woman amongst other things. It was always there in my mind. I always wanted to do a proper action film. Here, with our films what is there is that nobody wants to spend much on action. This is such a big film and I was very excited to do this. 

You've done your own stunts in this film. How was it?
It was very difficult. The action director is from China and their action is a lot more advanced than us. We could not have the normal fights, we had to have those very superhuman kind of fights which was beyond our imagination. It was very difficult to get that stamina. Sometimes when I had to fight with another mutant, the visuals that he used to show us, entangling someone's body like a snake or attack that person almost like a cat was very draining. Initially I was nervous because my costume is also a bit tricky because as a girl you even have to keep a check on it. It took me some time to get the hang of it.
The Roshans have praised your performance very much in the film...
For me, its nice that I have got this role and its nicer that they are also giving it so much importance. It is an important character in the film and sometimes people just think about their own roles and they don't really give a lot of importance to someone else's character. A real film maker knows how important supporting characters are to the main plot. Everyone's character be it Vivek, Priyanka, Hrithik or mine is very good in the film. 

You're half human and half animal, how was the experience of playing a mutant?
It was a little difficult for me as I did not have any real life reference for such a character. So I had to imagine how this character would be who does not have much emotions, is half human and half animal. She's very sharp to react, very fierce, is always ready to attack. I had to form a certain graph in my head about her thought process. 

Rakesh Roshan said that when he saw you walk in Kaya's attire, half the battle was won...
Every character has its own challenges. The main challenge of this character was its look. She is a mutant and with her entry itself, everyone should feel what she is? She is half human, half animal. She walks like a cat, she is made to look so attractive in the film. That has to come across and from within in seconds. 

It has almost been 7 years for you in the industry, you're even a National Award Holder but then recently we saw you in films like Rascals, Tezz, Double Dhamaal which didn't do very well. How did you end up doing such films?
There is less of regret and more of gratitude rather. I don't like to dance at weddings and do certain appearances which many others do. I am very moody like that. When you're on your own and  you know that this is the career that you have, then you have to maintain certain things, your house, your car, your EMI'S. So I have gratitude for these films that they all came at the right time and sorted some of my problems. Work did not stop. Its not that it harmed or damaged my career in some way. It rescued me from some thing or the other.
Recently you have launched your own website, how did that come through?
This happened as I am not on any social networking site, be it facebook or twitter. These days people somewhere want some awareness. As much as I can personalise it, I have done it. I update everything personally there. So who ever wants my update, they can log on to it. 

You seem to be very reclusive, why is it so?
The work I do and how demanding my work is , like when I was training myself for Krrish 3, my friends didn't see me for days. Now I am not working because I am promoting my film, so I have a lot more time these days. So I am watching a lot of films like Rush, Gravity these days. But when the work starts then you leave at 6 and come back at 10 and then the gap keeps on increasing. Then you want to catch up with your friends, everyone is moving forward so fast, so it gets a little difficult. I am from Manali, but my friends are from Mumbai only and they are no so much into the film industry. 

You have a great line up after Krrish 3, which includes Rajjo, Revolver Rani, Queen and you're playing the title role in each of these woman centric films...
This is a very exciting phase for me. The roles and the satisfaction of playing certain characters that I am getting today is something that I haven't got in the last 7 years. I have directed a documentary as well and want to direct a feature film.

What about your future projects?
I am doing a film called Ungli with Karan Johar. It is a story of college students and about the system of our country.

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