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About  Loveshhuda  (2016)

A love story that starts in bed! - Now isn't that as enticing as it gets?
For Gaurav Mehra and Pooja Misra, it could well have been a one night stand which was a moment to remember, only to be erased over a period of time. However, when there is a lot more to it with dancing, talking and making merry accompanying drinking, partying and making love, a connect is bound to be formed. A connect, which is subconscious, only to be realized when destiny has its own games to play!
As individuals, they are happy. Together, they are happier. As individuals, they are content. Together, they are at peace. As individuals, they believe they have already found love in respective lives. Together, they realize that it is immense love of a different kind for each other.
Gaurav and Pooja may not be hunting for love as they truly feel that they have it all. But can one truly ignore the signs of something special that bonds the two together? 
You know what they say Khush Rehna Bahut Mushkil Hai, But It's Worth It!!
What happens after Gaurav and Pooja's one-night stand? Will they fall in love or go their separate ways? Was this just a drunk night out or a life changing moment?
Loveshhuda in theaters 5th Feb 2016.