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About  The Xpose  (2014)

This is a dramatic chain of events in the most glamorous
,swinging era of Hindi films...the 1960s.

It was a decade when film stars tasted success and carried
their larger than life screen image on to real life with unbridled pomp and splendour.
It was during this time that two ambitious films were made...Ujwal Nirmal
Sheetal and Reena Mera Naam. The latter became a runaway hit while the former
was struggling at the box office.And then the crucial night came. Its one of
those star studded bashes at a five star hotel. Suddenly the still of the night
is pierced by the fall of a girl from the fourth floor. The film world is
shocked at the death of the sensational sex symbol of Ujwal Nirmal Sheetal..,
Zara Fernandes...accident, suicide or murder?

At the solemn funeral next day Inspector Grover declares
that he has proof that Zara was pushed by someone on that fateful night. The
suspects are all present at the burial. Chandni Roy, a ravishing star, leading
lady of Reena Mera Naam and Zara's bitter rival. Star Ronnie Mukherjee,
Chandni's leading lady and Virman Shah, her ex-boyfriend who never got along
with her.

Subba Prasad, the film magnate from the South who openly boasted
of creating Zara and Bobby Chedha a rival producer, now gloating over the success
of Reena Mera Naam after deviously sabotaging Ujwal Nirmal Sheetal's box office

K.D..also known as Kenny Damania, was a composer who hit all
the special notes.. He had this great affair going with Zara, but the
opportunist in him saw him netting his biggest catch parallel cinema's reputed
director Shabnam Rai. And finally Ravi Kumar, brash, bold, stylish superstar
with an emotional baggage. He was an ex-cop ,discovered by Subba Prasad as star
material and turned into filmland's biggest success story. Ujwal Sheetal Nirmal
is his first Hindi film but he had cold vibes with his leading lady Zara. Ravi
Kumar had one secret desire...Chandni Roy and Zara did not take well to
that.Ravi Kumar is at the helm of answering the riddle.But was Ravi Kumar the
key to the mystery or the mystery itself??

The XPOSE...is a film that transports you to a
world of Hindi cinema and beyond. The XPOSE is a pulsating human mystery with a
love story at the core set to a fabulous music score with  songs designed to become the biggest
chartbusters of the year!