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Kader Khan Biography

About Kader Khan

Kader Khan was born in the year 1937 in Pishin, now Pakistan.He is an
Indian film actor, comedian, script and dialogue writer.He has acted in
over 278 films in the Hindi & Urdu languages, and has written dialogue
for over 1,000 Indian films, from the 1970s up to the turn of the 21st
century. He is most popularly recognized for working with comedian
actor Govinda in comedic films by director David Dhawan. He played a
large variety of parts in films like a supporting role of a father,
uncle, brother, relative, the main villain or the side villain, guest
actor and comedian.Kader Khan is ethnic Pashtun.He lives in Mumbai.His
son Sarfaraz Khan has also acted in some films.Recently Khan was
recognized by the AFMI (American Federation of Muslims from India) for
his achievement and service to the Muslim community in India.*

*Source Wikipedia.